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On September 3, 2013
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A versatile hybrid laptop/tablet with plenty of power to do most types of computing.

The Windows 8 interface from Microsoft was, without a doubt, designed with a touchscreen computer in mind.  That said, it has been battling to find its place in the app market since its original release, despite the fact that it is holding a strong leadership position in the realm of productivity.  This has encouraged some manufacturers to bring in a number of unique and interesting hybrid models that work to bridge the gap between laptop and tablet.

This was just what Lenovo managed to do at the end of 2012, when it brought in the Yoga 13, and it has now wowed the tech world, yet again, with its release of the IdeaPad Yoga 11S line, which provide consumers with a more portable hybrid device, within a middle of the road price range.

Lenovo Yoga IIsLenovo Yoga Review

The Lenovo Yoga 11S is clearly designed primarily as a laptop, which is exceptionally portable.  The body is very lightweight (a touch over three pounds) and measures 11.73 inches by 8.03 inches by 0.67 inches.  Even without a bag, it’s easy to carry in your hand or tuck under your arm when you’re on the move. The actual outward design of the device is reminiscent of the standard laptop, though it does have its tablet side, as well.

The touch screen function is very strong when using Windows 8 on this device.  It is a responsive 10-point touch screen, matching the trackpad and its own multiple touch points, in terms of responsiveness.

The small keyboard space works very well because of the palm guard and, despite the fact that it isn’t backlit, it feels surprisingly substantial and types comfortably.  The touch keyboard on the screen is quite good, but it is still the actual physical keyboard that provide the true ability to produce text.

The Lenovo Yoga 11S features both a tent and display mode, which is a characteristic of the entire Yoga series of devices.  The screen can also be folded backward a-la spiral notebook.  While using the keyboard, the preferred use is in its stand mode.  As the screen is 11 inches wide, it functions quite well as a display even without having to use the touchscreen keyboard.  However, when that on-screen option is required, it can still be used in the stand mode without folding it any further or moving the device around.

At the same time, while it does perform well as a laptop, it is considerably less bulky and transitions well in virtually every environment, from the office desk to the commuter train and even the kitchen counter.

Lenovo Yoga is Hot!

If you have been paying attention, the Yoga is frequently being given out as a prize in different contests, such as in the #winchat Lenovo Yoga Giveaway last week. Smart marketers are doing this because it is a highly coveted laptop-tablet hybrid.

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A versatile hybrid laptop/tablet with plenty of power to do most types of computing.