Gaming Laptops – What Does a Gaming Laptop Need?

We have recently been looking at increasing our inventory of Gaming Laptops. While doing some research, I asked one Gamer what type or brand of gaming laptop or computer he would want if money were no option.Sweet Gaming Desk Top

He told me that often Gamers are a pretty techie group and would probably prefer a customized gaming computer to a stock computer. This conversation got me thinking about what gamers really would like in a computer.

I then went on to several Google+ Computer Gaming Communities and asked them if there a specific gaming computer that would be their”dream machine?”.  Within minutes a list of suggestions for gamer dream computers was developing.

Two of the Google+ threads are:

Gaming laptop Question on PC Gaming

Gaming Laptop Question on Gaming Community

Gamer Dream Computers

  • MattCamMans recommended Intel I7, 32GB Ram, 2 Nvidia Titans and thens added 4 titans. With a bige enough board 16 to far?
  • Barney Richardson said  Zx81 ..which I believe is a vintage gaming computer
  • CharlieBarber said Gtx TITAN. 32GB RAM. Watercooled. 3TB SSD. (Water cooled sounds
  • Jorge Alejandro Rodríguez is happy as long as the game he is playing displays well, because he doesn’t play Computer games for the graphics, but rather for the variety and the maturity of the gaming audience.
  • Aiko Natsuki says it all depends upon the gamer. Which games and applications each gamer likes to play.
  • Hisham Safwat  just wants top notch specs so he can game at ease.
  • Scott Hill  had suggested 8 core AMD Black, 2 R9s, 32GB GSKILL PC3-17000 RAM, 920GB PCIe SSD, 1200W Corsair modular power supply, Corsair or Antec case, plenty of air or water cooling (depends on the user). The rest is all fluff…That would be it. :) That’s just the PC though, we haven’t even dabbled in the displays yet! :)
  • Corey Shaughnessy likes 15 GTX Titans in crossfire. 7 4k monitors in eyefinity. 512mb of 2800Mhz RAM. 2 i7 CPUs on a Biostar micro-ATX mobo. Some sort of HID.
  • Haydn Jeffries believes You can only build your dream PC yourself in essence.
  • Peter Green had a pretty detailed comment..he said I guess if money was no object, I’d love something like this:- Corsair 900D
    - Asus Maximus VI Extreme
    - Intel Core i7 4770K
    - 32GB memory (anything on the mobo’s qualified vendors list)
    - 4x NVidia GeForce GTX Titan (quad SLI)
    - 2x 512GB Samsung 840 Pro SSDs (possibly configured in RAID0)
    - 4x 4TB WD Caviar Black HDDs (RAID 10)
    - 1x or 2x Corsair AX1200i (might need two depending on power requirements)
    - Custom water cooling loop
    - Either a nice big 4k display, or 3x 144Hz 1080p panels… I can’t quite decide!!! :D
  • Eric Yang would love..4770k i7, 64 gb ram, and 4 780ti’s.  
    Probably 4 1tb ssd’s 
    4k monitor. 
    Some fancy sound card 

Lots of really good suggestions out there from true gamers. I myself am prone to go with Haydin, and believe that you can’t really ever get your dream machine because, once you do, something bigger and faster will be out on the market.

Our Gaming Laptops

Currently VaultSpring doesn’t carry gaming desktops, but  has more than a few laptops that can be classified as gaming laptops which would more than satisfy the needs of most gamers. The top three gaming laptops we have for lease are:


Samsung Series 7 Gamer NP700G7C-T01US 17.3-Inch Laptop (Yellow) i7, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD

Samsung Series 7 Gamer NP700G7C-T01US

ASUS Republic of Gamers G75VW-AH71 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop 17, 8 GB RAM, 750 GB HDD

ASUS Republic of Gamers G75VW-AH71

Samsung Series 7 Gamer NP700G7C-S02US 17.3-Inch Laptop (Black) i7, 16 GB RAM, 1.5 GB HDD

Samsung Series 7 Gamer NP700G7C-S02US

These three gaming laptops may not be water cooled as several of the gamers above mentioned ,but they will deliver years of gaming fun for all sorts of online gaming and have the ability to make you a mobile gamer.

Laptops for College Students

Should College Students Lease Their Computers?

A Broken Computer – A College Students Nightmare

Take this scenario, you are a California State University electrical engineering student paying your own way through college. Living on Ramen noodles, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and any food you get from your waiting job at Alexis Greek & Portuguese Restaurant. Halfway through your junior year, the laptop your grandmother bought you gets the blue screen of death. The computer which had served you well up to now, needs to be replaced. Sure you can access the computers at the various computer labs on campus, but after getting off your shift waiting tables, you need to catch a few zzzs in between Thermodynamic and Linear systems homework..yea sleep study is all too familiar to you. However, sleep study is out of the question in a computer lab.

Computers are a Necessity for College Students

When you’re attending college, a computer, like the Sony VAIO Pro 13.3-Inch Core i5 Touchscreen Ultrabook pictured below, is an absolute essential piece of equipment.  For the majority of students, like the student in scenario above, having to rely on a computer lab, nowadays, is simply out of the question as it is far from practical and holds back the ability to excel.  However, there are rarely extra funds to work with at this time in a person’s life.  Therefore, leasing a pc  may appear to be a very appealing option.  Sony VAIO Pro 13.3-Inch Core i5 Touchscreen Ultrabook


Benefits of Leasing a Computer As a College Student

Consider the following benefits of leasing a computer for college students while making your own decision as to whether it is right for you to buy or to lease:

  • Frees up your money – on a tight budget, having to pay out a large sum, up front, can make it nearly impossible to be able to keep up with the rest of your expenses.  Spreading the cost out over smaller monthly payments can make the cost affordable and predictable enough to fit into even the strictest budget plan.
  • Allows you greater choice – as you are paying a smaller monthly fee, you may be able to afford a better piece of equipment than you would if you had to purchase the whole thing.
  • Gives you more options – there are different forms of leasing opportunities.  You might be able to secure a lease that will give you the computer you need for your entire college career, for one year at a time, or you might even be able to find a deal in which you can lease to own, where you will actually have purchased the equipment by the end of the agreement.  This allows you to choose the payments and the length of time that you have the computer, in order to suit your needs and budget.
  • You may find a deal – check with various student groups at your college.  You may find that there is an opportunity to take part in a group leasing agreement at a lower rate than you would usually pay.  Being a part of a group – such as a student body – sometimes comes with benefits of this nature.
  • Your equipment is protected – make sure when looking for a pc lease program that you lease with a reputable computer leasing company like Vaultspring, and so that you’ll be covered in case your computer hard drive suddenly crashes.  Instead of being stuck with a computer that you own and is essentially a paper weight, you’ll have the support that you need to ensure that you will always have a working device.

There are many ways that leasing a computer can be extremely helpful to a college student, making it an important consideration when it comes time to equip yourself.

5 Reasons to Lease a Touch Screen Laptop

When it comes to equipping yourself or your business with the latest technology, such as touch laptopsTouchscreen Laptop, there are a number of important benefits that you may not have considered.  This could potentially mean that you are overlooking some opportunities that have the ability to make a considerable difference in your budget or your ability to succeed.

5 Perks when Leasing a Touch Screen Laptop

Consider some of the perks that come with leasing touch laptops to help you to decide how you’d like to obtain your equipment from now on.

  1. Costs spread out over time – having to pay for touch laptops all at once, as is the case when the equipment is being purchased, can be very difficult to work into a single budget cycle.  However, by leasing, that cost can be spread out over time in a predictable monthly payment. This avoids having to face a tremendous initial expense.
  2. Keep up with fast-moving tech – the pace of technology is a very rapid one and continually replacing equipment can come at a very high cost if it is always being purchased.  By leasing equipment, the burden of technological evolution is passed to the leasing company.  That way, every time a leasing agreement term comes to a close, the latest brand new touch laptops can be leased, instead of hanging on to the older and likely slower machines.
  3. Afford to be competitive – keeping up with the competition – particularly when it consists of larger and more powerful corporations – can be extremely difficult on a limited budget.  Larger companies can afford to buy better technologies which help them to keep their advantage.  However, as leasing spreads the cost out over time, it can become possible for smaller organizations to benefit from the same powerful touch laptops and remain competitive within the market.
  4. Flexibility – when you choose a lease, then you decide exactly how long you want to keep the touch laptops before returning or replacing them.  That means that you know exactly how long you will have the machines to use, which can be very helpful for planning the IT expenses and upgrades in your company.
  5. Additional options – in order to be able to keep your business, many leasing companies will often offer end of lease options that will help you to take advantage of greater savings opportunities into the future, while making sure that you are still equipped with the touchscreen laptops that you require.

When trying to remain within a tight budget, leasing touch laptops can be one of the most effective ways to be able to afford the equipment that you need for your business to succeed.

Looking for a Touchscreen Laptop to Lease?

If you are looking for a the latest touchscreen laptop or ultrabook to lease, please check out our selection and our monthly lease rates.

Microsoft Ending Support for XP

Microsoft recently announced plans to end support of Windows XP on April 8, 2014, just before taxes are due. Maybe Microsoft is planning on marketing to all these people around tax time, so they can easily upgrade from a Windows XP device to Windows 8 computer.Windows XP Logo

What Does this Mean?

For anyone who has a PC that is older than a 5 years, there is a great likelihood that your computer is using the Windows XP operating system.

  • There will be no new Microsoft security fixes for Windows XP after April 8, 2014. Your system will be very easy to hack, and will get virus’s very easily.
  • There will be no Microsoft online technical updates or assisted support (free or paid) for Windows XP after April 8, 2014.

In other words, its time to upgrade your system.

What version of Windows do I have?

  • Click Start
  • Click Run or if you see “Start Search” field click in it.
  • Type winver and press Enter.

A little pop up screen will come up that tells you what version of Microsoft Windows you are using.

If your system came up with a Windows XP certificate, then you are using the Windows XP operating system, and you should upgrade.

What to Upgrade to?

Well since you had been using a Microsoft product, I would suggest that you look  into a Windows 8 device. If you have no clue, visit the home page of to see some of the many options that are available to you and if you want to be sure that you will be using a device that won’t be soon out of date.

Today’s laptops, such as the Lenovo Yoga series are excellent replacements that offer the power of a desktop, but the flexibility of a tablet or notebook computer.

Make Windows 7 and 8 Look Like XP

I saw the picture to the right on our Pinterest, which was a pinned picture from  JackSchofield post  in which Jack answers a question of one of his readers who said his dad wanted to buy an XP laptop. (click image to check out Jack’s post) I think the bit of advice about getting Dad a new Windows 8 laptop and installing the ClassicShell App on it would be the perfect solution for the not only the readers Dad but anyone else who is leery of upgrading due to familiarity with XP.Trash Your XP PC

Additionally, I also found a really good blog post from the Florida Computer Tutor which describes setting up the classicShell app on either a Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer.


Are You Ready to Upgrade From XP ?

Let us know if you have an XP laptop and are looking to upgrade but don’t want  or are unable to front all the cash for a new Windows 8 laptop or tablet.

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Google Will Update Chrome for XP through April 2015


Where Should You Rent a Computer?

When you want to make sure that you’re getting the best laptop or desktop at the most favorable price, then you need to know that you are working with the right company.  There are a few steps that you can take to ensure that you’ve chosen the best business to provide you with the equipment you need.


The first step is to choose a computer rental company that is reputable and that will provide you with the machines at a fair price and using proper and ethical practices.  In the United States, three of the primary options in this area are: Aaron’s, Rent-a-Center, and


Next, you need to compare what these top three companies have to offer you so you know that they will have the products that you need and the options that you expect.  Compare the types of equipment and options available  at each store to ensure that you have made the right choice for your computer rental.

 Aarons vs Rent-a-Center vs VaultSpring

  • Aaron’s:
    • Products:
      • Tablets – 2 models
      • Laptops – 13 models
      • Desktops – 2 models
  • Prices and product comparisons not clearly listed without login or store location
  • Website designed to drive in-store traffic
  • Website exclusively informational.  Rentals must be made at a store location.
  • Rent-a-Center
    • Products:
      • Tablets – 5 models
      • Laptops – 8 models
      • Desktops – 4 models
  • Lease prices and product availability not listed on site as they vary by location
  • Application can be started on the site but individual stores must be contacted for rental details regarding products and pricing.
    • Products:
      • Tablets – over 65 models
      • Laptops – over 15 models
      • Touchscreen Laptops – over 15 models
      • Ultrabooks – over 15 models
  • Prices and attractive leasing options listed on the site for simple comparison.
  • Orders can be made directly from the website without having to visit a store.

VaultSpring vs Aarons and Rent-a-Center

With the competition(Aarons and Rent-a Center), you can visit their sites to find out what models they have, but to really seal the deal, you need to go to a physical store to purchase and pick up your leased or rented PC. Additionally, since the prices are not listed on the site, comparison shopping is very difficult.

At VaultSpring, there is no need to go anywhere else. All our prices are clearly indicated, along with other rental options. New models are always being added to our inventory, which is already far greater than that of either Aarons or Rent-a-Center.



The Importance of Choosing a Computer Rental Company with Reputable Practices

Every sector of every large industry has its bad apples, and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has just uncovered a number of them within the computer rental arena, hopefully making it a safer place for consumers.  However, even after this crackdown by the FTC, it is still a good idea to make sure that you are doing business with a reputable company with solid practices before you sign on the dotted or lease a laptop

The recent discovery by the FTC involved seven rent-to-own companies that were investigated for using spyware on the computers that they were issuing to their customers.  This software tracked everything that the computer users did, and a great deal more.  Not only did it record and log every keystroke that they made, but it also snapped images of them doing whatever it was that they were doing while their computers were running.  These seven companies tracked more than 420,000 customers.

Is Spyware on Laptops Justified?

It was discovered that their typed documents, chats, instant messages, financial information, logins and passwords, as well as photos of them in various stages of dress (and undress) their kids, and even sexual encounters were all absorbed by the rented computers and transmitted to the shady companies that rented them out.  This was all done in an attempt to allow them to collect on debts.  This was all available to numerous employees within those dubious companies. The FTC has now forced the seven companies to stop using the spyware on the computers that they rented to their customers.

This occurred because these computer renting companies were making efforts to keep track of their equipment, but went above and beyond what was appropriate in that duty.  When a customer goes in arrears, the rental company does have the right to the return of its equipment.  However, in the case of those seven companies, they licensed software from DesignerWare LLC that could track and recover the computers in those situations.  However, the software clearly went far beyond simply reporting on location and providing a remote lockout option. Seeking the location of the device and remotely locking out the customer who has not kept up his or her end of the rental contract

We Value Your Privacy

Vault Spring does not use any technology, software, or spyware that would take or record either images or the sensitive, private data of its valued customers.  Contact us today and we will be more than happy to discuss our privacy policy and ethical practices to ensure that you receive all of the equipment that you expect when you rent a computer – and nothing more!

When is the Best Time to Rent a PC?

When it comes to computer equipment, the majority of businesses either purchase or lease.  However, when new machines are needed, many companies wonder whether buying or renting would be better for them.


There are a number of indicators that can help to let you know when it is best to rent a PC.  The following are indicators that it may be right for your company to start – or continue – renting.

Rent a TouchScreen Coffee Table

Rent a TouchScreen Coffee Table


  • When technology is required on short notice.
  • When technology will be required only for a short period of time.
  • When a large number of laptops are required to train a group of staff, but not afterward.
  • When the laptops that have been purchased are on back order, but the staff requires the computer equipment right away.  Rentals can provide an option for immediate, but temporary installation until the permanent devices arrive.
  • When laptops are needed for travel, but the company’s computers are all desktops.

 Renting and Leasing are not the Same

It is important to note that renting computers and leasing them is not the same thing.  Therefore the times in which you would need to rent are not typically the same as those in which you would need to lease your PC equipment.
Renting a PC is something that you do when your company needs the device for a short period of time.  Its very nature has the short term in mind, and it is highly flexible.  On the other hand, leasing is a fixed arrangement.  It is created for a designated period of time.  A rented PC’s terms allow for cancellation or extension at any time without incurring a penalty.  However, in the case of leasing, a cancellation isn’t possible without having to pay a penalty that can vary from rather mild (for example, when the term was nearly complete), to quite severe, depending on the agreement.


No capital  budget is required when renting PCs.  In fact, many companies use a credit card to pay for the rental.  For the majority of businesses, the rental process is as simple as purchasing basic office supplies. To make the process even easier, many rental companies deliver their machines by way of an expert computer technician who will install it and test it right where it needs to be used, whether it is at your office, in a conference room ahead of a seminar, in a training room, at a convention, in a trade show boot, or virtually anywhere else.  They not only provide you with the device and make sure that it’s ready to use, but the good ones will also have a plan B in place, in case the unexpected should occur.

If you want info on PC Leasing as opposed to renting pcs, please check out our home page.

touchscreen monitor

5 Top Touchscreen PC Monitors

Touchscreen technology has been around for a while, and though it had looked like a fad outside of smartphones, tablets, and other small screen devices, it has recently exploded in popularity (particularly through hybrid devices (such as the Lenovo Yoga I wrote about last week) and the release of Windows 8) and is now starting to take off in PC monitors.

The hands-on interface is becoming more comfortable for many people, as they become accustomed to their various electronic gadgets and devices, and now that Microsoft has released a platform that supports it, it is now working its way into the PC user’s experience.

When you think about buying a TouchScreen Monitor, think of who will be using it, and what it will be used to do. For instance if you have small children, you may want to buy one that has a very stable base. If sound is priority, note that some have attached speakers and/or different types of speaker hookup points.

How Else do Touchscreen Monitors Differ?

As in all things, touchscreen PC monitors are not all created equal.  They vary in display quality, features, size, and price.  When it comes to producing a truly worthwhile experience with touchscreen over PCs, it is very important to take all of those factors into consideration and not simply buy the cheapest model, or the one in the size you like the most.  It needs to have certain design considerations, as well.

TouchScreen Sensor types

According to Engineers Garage,  and the TouchScreen Museum, there are four different types of TouchScreen sensors which are:

  1. Resistive – uses pressure to activate sensors, anything can operate.
  2. Capacitive – uses Indium Tin Oxide or soon silver nano wires and uses electrical conductivity. Must be a conductive service to operate.
  3. Surface Acoustic Wave – uses ultrasonic waves, can be used for big surfaces, but must have a wide frame for the sensors.
  4. Infared – Touched points calculated based upon triangulation.


How Stable is the Monitor

Remember that you will be touching the screen, quite a bit.  For that reason, stability becomes an important issue.  The monitor needs to be able to be tapped, poked, prodded and swiped, and stay in place.  It’s not just a matter of staying still anymore.  The stand needs to be something considerably more substantial.  The best touchscreen monitors need to be easy to adjust, but stand up to use by fingers and thumbs.

Adjustable Monitor Position

The angle of the monitor also needs to be adjustable.  The typical vertical orientation will be fine when you only need to use the touchscreen on the rare occasion.  For PC users who are looking for something similar to what they are already using, the vertical angle may be all they ever use.  However, when you want to get the full experience out of a touchscreen monitor, the angle and height will need to be adjusted so that it makes proper ergonomic sense.  So this feature needs to allow for quick and simple angle changes to just the right degree.

To achieve proper Windows 8 certification, there are additional considerations for a touchscreen monitor.  For example, edge-swiping makes it possible to take advantage of a number of shortcuts in this platform.  A certified monitor needs to use a certain bezel design that won’t cause interference with edge swiping.  Therefore, it is common to see edge-to-edge glass in good quality monitors of this nature. Furthermore, you will need it to be able to track a minimum of five contact points at a time (the standard is currently becoming 10 digit tracking).

Five of the Best Touchscreen PC Monitors

Among the best touchscreen monitors currently on the market, according to NewEgg reviews, are the following:

  • Acer T272HL bmidz 2-Tone 27″ LED Monitor ($520-$600)(sample price range to buy) Many people love the color, but the stand seems a little flimsy.Dell TouchScreen Monitor from NewEgg
  • Dell S2340T($229-$159) Only problem noted is there isn’t a rear audio port. I love the look of the flexible stand.(pictured at right)
  • Planar Helium PCT2785($1270-$700) Reviews indicate it looks really awesome, the base is very flexible, but the attached speakers and webcam are low end quality.
  • Viewsonic TD2220($280-$300) The reviewers I found, did not like the touchscreen capabilities because the Viewsonic uses what Viewsonic calls optical sensors, meaning anything can be used to operate the touchscreen features, not just your fingers. Reportedly, even a fly can activate it.
  • LG 23ET83V($450-$520)Most users were very happy with the both the display and touchscreen capabilities. One user noted that the stand is designed to be used primarily in the upright position, but still the user gave it the highest rating possible. From all my research, of the four touchscreens mentioned here, this is clearly touchscreen I would recommend.

Please check our main site, to view our current inventory of TouchScreen technology that we have available for leasing.

TouchScreen Technology Resources:




Touchscreen Technology – Fujitsu Labs Touchscreen Interface

This touchscreen technology may not be ready for the consumer market just yet, but it is really cool. This technology reminds me of any number of science fiction movies.

The touchscreen interface Video

The technology behind the interface is explained in the video about Fujitsu Labs Touchscreen interface, which can read pages of a book and turn info printed paper into a usable digital format.

Pretty cool, huh. Well,  we will be waiting for this technology to make it to market so we can lease it to you.
I am not sure of all the applications for this technology, but it would seem like libraries, classrooms, and possibly advertising agencies would be a few potential customers for such touchscreen devices.

A lot of the tasks you could do with this technology, you can do now by scanning with a printer and then editing with photo editing software like photoshop. However, this seems like it would be a lot easier to manipulate than a scanner/computer option.

What do you think? Does this technology excite you?

Lenovo Yoga Review

The Windows 8 interface from Microsoft was, without a doubt, designed with a touchscreen computer in mind.  That said, it has been battling to find its place in the app market since its original release, despite the fact that it is holding a strong leadership position in the realm of productivity.  This has encouraged some manufacturers to bring in a number of unique and interesting hybrid models that work to bridge the gap between laptop and tablet.

This was just what Lenovo managed to do at the end of 2012, when it brought in the Yoga 13, and it has now wowed the tech world, yet again, with its release of the IdeaPad Yoga 11S line, which provide consumers with a more portable hybrid device, within a middle of the road price range.

Lenovo Yoga IIsLenovo Yoga Review

The Lenovo Yoga 11S is clearly designed primarily as a laptop, which is exceptionally portable.  The body is very lightweight (a touch over three pounds) and measures 11.73 inches by 8.03 inches by 0.67 inches.  Even without a bag, it’s easy to carry in your hand or tuck under your arm when you’re on the move. The actual outward design of the device is reminiscent of the standard laptop, though it does have its tablet side, as well.

The touch screen function is very strong when using Windows 8 on this device.  It is a responsive 10-point touch screen, matching the trackpad and its own multiple touch points, in terms of responsiveness.

The small keyboard space works very well because of the palm guard and, despite the fact that it isn’t backlit, it feels surprisingly substantial and types comfortably.  The touch keyboard on the screen is quite good, but it is still the actual physical keyboard that provide the true ability to produce text.

The Lenovo Yoga 11S features both a tent and display mode, which is a characteristic of the entire Yoga series of devices.  The screen can also be folded backward a-la spiral notebook.  While using the keyboard, the preferred use is in its stand mode.  As the screen is 11 inches wide, it functions quite well as a display even without having to use the touchscreen keyboard.  However, when that on-screen option is required, it can still be used in the stand mode without folding it any further or moving the device around.

At the same time, while it does perform well as a laptop, it is considerably less bulky and transitions well in virtually every environment, from the office desk to the commuter train and even the kitchen counter.

Lenovo Yoga is Hot!

If you have been paying attention, the Yoga is frequently being given out as a prize in different contests, such as in the #winchat Lenovo Yoga Giveaway last week. Smart marketers are doing this because it is a highly coveted laptop-tablet hybrid.

Want to Lease a Lenovo Yoga?

If you would like to get your hands on a Yoga, please check out our home page and search for “Lenova Yoga”  to see the models that we have available for leasing.

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